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Published in September 2021
ETH Zurich

Comfort with Less Contact and More Hygiene

#sevendaynotificationrate #bundesgesundheitsministe- rium #vaccinated #vaccinatedtwice #laggedintime


In Germany, between March 2020 and early June 2021, we lived in a period of delay, or better in a temporality of being time-lagged. Seven-day incidence continued showing the number of Covid-19 infections in the preceding week, but determined public health decisions concerning the weeks to come. International European media, however, speak of a 14-day notification rates: In the European Union, they count the infection incidence of the preceding fourteen days, delaying the future by two weeks. In early June, I travelled to Zurich where the future seemed to have finally arrived: Almost every- one vaccinated, or at least spring-loose, hearty along the way. There were so many hugs and kisses, which on the one hand did me so much good, and on the other hand triggered an unpleasant shiver of fear

in my innermost being. Would I still catch it on the finishing straight?

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