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Don18_From Microsoft to Microdosing_Poster.jpg

DON18: From Microsoft to Microdosing

Seminar History of Art and Architecture
Veranstalter: Professur Ursprung
Dozierende: Dr. Nina Zschocke, Berit Seidel, Helene Romakin
ETH Zurich

In Spring 2020, Don18 will discuss aesthetics and forms of collaboration in the digital age.
What are the relations between practices in the 1990s and today?

This semester Don 18 builds on a lecture series on (“Digital Matters”) taught by Nina Zschocke. “Digital Matters” poses questions on the materiality of the digital and the significance of digital media for the experience, use and production of real environments. The seminar explores the material dimension behind seemingly immaterial data flows, but also the question of the different ways in which new information and communication technologies change reality.

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